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this guy killed all those people because they just like spent all their time inside in front of a computer or tv or whatever

(except one guy who sat by a pool selling drugs)

and he was mad because he was allergic to sun and couldn’t go outside


i should maybe go outside a bit more um

ok so someone is setting him up


i was so sure he was a werewolf

i mean i’m glad he’s not the killer



wait so his locker was broken into

and Horatio thinks he’s innocent and someone’s framing him


"am i going to need a lawyer?"

"am i going to need a lawyer?"


it’s because ur a werewolf mate

it’s because ur a werewolf mate

oh hon

oh hon

oh Shawn you should be more careful and not leave your blood at the crime scene smh

okay so someone only tried to kill him

but failed because this guy apparently has a pet wolf to protect him

but that murderer guy is totally Shawn yes it is i’m positive

they’re going to Mario’s (werewolf number 1) house to arrest him

and they’re gonna find him dead

and then later it turns out Tyler’s character Shawn is also a werewolf what a surprise and he’s behind all this

i’m sure of it

"do any of your suspects have a dog?"

"no, but there’s one that might be……. part canine"